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Restoration cleaning company

London based restoration and specialist cleaning company, covering escape of water, flood damage, fire decontamination, trauma clean-up, and including specialist waste disposal services.

Based in SW18, Remora Restorations has direct access to all areas of central and Greater London, ensuring that our highly trained technicians can respond quickly to emergency callouts.

Ongoing professional development and our dedicated investment in the latest equipment and technologies enables us to carry out jobs as efficiently as possible. Our expert technicians are proficient in all situations – from appliance leaks to sewage spills, from road traffic accidents to fires and many other specialist services.

Water Damage

Remora has the specialist knowledge needed to effectively diagnose and remove both surface and permeated water - whether flooding, sewage, or incoming mains water. We follow a strict protocol to sanitise and dry, providing detailed reports during the process to clients and insurers and minimising disruption to occupiers and businesses.

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Assessing the damage after a fire is only the first step; our technicians will immediately work to make the area safe, to restore and clean fixtures and fittings, and to return personal effects to their former glory wherever possible.

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In some of the most grievous scenarios, Remora's wealth of experience can ensure a stoic and consistent approach to minimise strain on stakeholders. We cover a range of difficult jobs including crime scene cleaning, road traffic accidents, and undiscovered death work.

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Mould Remediation

A property with excess moisture can provide an ideal environment for mould growth. Whether caused by a leak, flooding or the construction of the property leading to excessive condensation, mould can present a health hazard and cause severe impact to residents, but can often be mitigated easily if caught and treated at an early stage.

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Why us?

Remora Restorations offers unique advantages to clients within central and greater London, with rapid response times and a superior level of specialist services. We have a dedication to ongoing investment in training, development, and equipment.

Remora Restoration advocates a strong focus on Environmental and social governance and works continuously to minimise our carbon footprint.

A super-fast response time benefitted by our centralised location within the M25, Remora can reach central London locations within an hour.

Use of the latest equipment across drying, diagnostic, disinfection / sanitisation and clean-up, and ongoing investment and research in the best possible solutions.

The desire to excel and exceed expectations, imbued in our culture asnd ethos as a business, across everything we do.

Trusted & Reliable Cleaners

Remora offers clear reporting to clients and has excellent systems in place to communicate between the teams on-site and the office. The use of advanced vehicle, staff and equipment monitoring technology means we can keep up to date with work being carried out in real time. We engage through all stages of the processwith clients and other stakeholders to ensure efficient communication and workflow.

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Remora Restorations works alongside insurers, property managers and private clients to deliver a wide range of restoration services. Because of this, Remora has formed excellent connections within the restoration industry and has the benefit of employees and consultants with years of restoration expertise. Below showcases a selection of our clients who we are currently working alongside.

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