Mould and Damp

Swift damage management is essential to restore living conditions or business continuity for occupants and owners when mould poses a risk to both inhabitants health, and building integrity.


Mould and Damp presents hazardous living conditions to inhabitants, and needs to be remediated professionally and quickly.

Inspections: We send experienced technicians to examine each property with a full visual review, thermal imaging checks, and moisture and humidity readings taken on site. We check for leaks, moisture ingress from the outside of the property and condensation to determine likely issues. We then provide you with a detailed report clearly stating our findings and recommended measures to fix these with a quick turnaround.

Drying: We can carry out professional drying works to properties that have had a leak, escape of water or flood damage, using state of the art Corronventa dehumidifiers. We are technical experts when it comes to drying and will work towards target moisture and humidity levels, providing client updates as we go.

Cleaning: Neutralising mould spores with biocidal chemicals as well as sanitising areas affected by sewage and blackwater flooding. We can even test bacteria levels on surfaces with an ATP swab for sign-off.

Restoration: Refitting a property after damage, installing ventilation systems to reduce condensation, opening up areas for further investigation and redecoration are some of the services we offer, both in-house and through our approved contractor network.

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Mould and Damp

It’s important to address mould issues holistically by identifying the root cause where possible; testing to establish a baseline moisture level, and then in many cases taking recommended action to mitigate and clean mould growth.

We are proud to offer:

  • Rapid callout across London
  • Moisture testing
  • ATP testing for bacteria
  • Thermal imaging to identify leaks
  • Removal of water
  • Sanitising of services using specialist equipment
  • Air decontamination
  • Advanced drying technology
  • Reports that outline measures taken

A typical example

Our Mould Remediation Process

1We receive instructions from an insurer or private client and collect some information about the property and posessions in need of restoration. We quickly organise a time to visit the site, that is convenient for any occupiers or owners.
2Moisture Investigation: We send an experienced and highly qualified technician who will take moisture readings from walls and surfaces, as well as ambient readings. The technician produces a report that you will receive within 24 hours, that outlines their findings and recommends actions to take in order to address the issue.
3Drying: In some cases we will recommend the installation of a commercial dehumidifier or other drying equipment to lower humidity and mitigate mould growth quickly. We take additional moisture readings at the end of an initially agreed period to establish impact.
4Cleaning: We generally use a powered sprayer to coat the affected areas with a biocide, killing spores and preventing them from going airborne, but we have a number of ways of cleaning mould depending on it’s severity and location within a property.
5Recommendations: Our investigation produces a report that clearly explains the likely cause of mould, with moisture levels and a clear plan to manage this, including suggestions around venting the property, the installation of extractors, and emulsifying paints that can prevent a reoccurrence.

Case study

A Mould-free Haven, London SW6

A family in Fulham faced a persistent mould problem in their home, triggering health concerns and diminishing their living quality. The invasive mould growth was not only unsightly but also posed a potential threat to the structural integrity of the property.

Our expert team conducted a thorough assessment, identifying the root causes and extent of the mould infestation. Armed with advanced remediation techniques, Remora Restorations implemented a targeted and comprehensive removal plan. The skilled technicians at Remora Restorations worked efficiently to eliminate the mould. They not only eradicated visible mould but also addressed hidden sources to prevent future recurrences.

The once mould-infested home became a pristine, mould-free haven. The family not only regained peace of mind but also witnessed an improvement in their overall health. Remora Restorations not only removed the mould but also provided valuable insights and preventive measures to safeguard against future issues.

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