We have been handling sensitive trauma jobs for many years, where thorough and safe working practices, as well as reliable technicians and the latest equipment are crucial.

Trauma Cleaning

Trauma is a broad term, covering accidents that involve human remains or biohazards associated with this. At what can be an extremely emotional time for friends and family, acting with compassion and discretion is extremely important.

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Undiscovered death

Unfortunately, a death can sometimes remain undiscovered for a period of time, resulting in decomposition of a body. These are complex jobs involving insects, vermin, biohazard work, and in many cases also affect the furniture and flooring. Sometimes the internal fabric of a property can be affected. We carry out a decontamination of surfaces and air using advanced equipment, strip out affected areas and dispose of anything we can’t restore. We can then re-fit the property so that it’s ready to be sold, rented out, or moved back into.


Once a body has been removed by the coroner, there may be blood and bodily fluids, as well as hazardous materials on site. We attend to remove these quickly and decontaminate the site. In some cases, we may need to strip-out and replace areas within the property, such as carpets or flooring. All of this is done directly by Remora technicians to ensure we have control of the process, and as such we can guarantee returning the property to an excellent condition.

Road traffic accidents

Remora use a specialist callout vehicle for road-traffic accidents. It allows us to have the ability to effectively separate and remove biohazards, whilst sanitising affected surfaces. Other hazards such as broken glass and petrol/oil are neutralised with chemicals and removed, making the roadway clear and safe to other users after an incident. We are accustomed to working in partnership with the police who may be controlling the site after an accident and share joint aims to have the road re-opened quickly whist providing an exceptional level of service.

Other trauma work

There is a variety of other trauma work we offer, from accidents in the home to crime scene cleaning. We offer our services for private landlords, tenants, and we work closely with the police and local government housing associations. Our thorough process includes: Identifying all hazards, decontaminating the site, stripping out where required and re-fitting to a high standard. Following this method and strict protocols we can ensure a favourable outcome to all parties involved. Many of these situations are extremely distressing for everyone involved and returning areas to normal quickly can help with this.

Hazardous cleaning

From sharps to asbestos, and narcotics to vermin, Remora technicians are trained to undertake all forms of commercial and domestic cleaning. We have excellent partnerships with both the local authorities and the police that allows us to work in some of the most difficult restoration situations. We pride ourselves on being able to restore items that may require specialist cleaning, as we believe that restoration is the most sustainable option.

Case study

Major student accommodation group

Remora attended a student accommodation building at night where a resident had sadly taken his own life. While no hazards were initially evident, we found blood and bodily fluids underneath flooring which was successfully removed. We decontaminated the room, working through the night to ensure the site was safe, and less distressing for next of kin who wanted to visit the room to remove personal effects the following morning.

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