Specialist Restoration

With BDMA trained technicians and the latest equipment, we aim to work efficiently and thoroughly to restore your property and preserve personal effects where possible.

Specialist Contents and Cleaning

There are many types of specialist restoration, each with their own unique situational challenges. As a leader in specialised buildings and contents restoration services,  technicians at Remora utilise cutting-edge technologies to get our Clients the best results with minimal disruption and time taken.

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Sharps Clearance

With a years of trusted experience, Remora specialises in the safe and efficient disposal of medical sharps, needles, and hazardous materials. Our dedicated and thorough team, employing rigorous safety measures, ensure a secure and reliable solution for businesses and communities.

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Fire Damage

Fires can be devastating to families and business operators, with continuity being just one concern. Personal effects can be damaged, and this uncertain time for property owners and tenants needs to be handled with care and tact. Remora can assist the owners or occupiers in gathering their personal effects and categorising the items for restoration or removal. Often we are able to carry out cleaning work for soot-contaminated items on site, allowing the owner a greater piece of mind. After decontaminating the property, we can work with approved contractors to re-fit the property and return it to original condition.

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Odour Removal

Another area of our specialism includes odour removal – we can mitigate stubborn odors that come from a range of sources including mould and smoke damage, chemical odour and trauma. Remora’s cutting-edge techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions ensure a sanitised and odour-free environment, whether it’s your home or business.

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Property Clearance

We prioritize sensitivity and professionalism, employing a skilled crew trained to handle hoarding cleanups efficiently. Trust us to navigate the complexities of hoarder house cleaning with care and expertise, making a positive impact on both the environment and the well-being of individuals.

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A typical example

Our Restoration Process

1We receive instructions from an insurer or private client and collect some information about the property and possessions in need of restoration. We quickly organise a time to visit the site, that is convenient for any occupiers or owners.
2Our specialist restoration team visits the site and begins to assess the full extent of the situation – an initial report will be produced with a scope of works and a plan of action. Often, we are able to begin damage limitation works, such as reducing the risk of corrosion to electrical items, on our first visit.
3We return to carry out our plan of action once it has been approved by the insurer or owner – we begin to remove items deemed beyond economic repair and start to clean down items affected by fire residue.
4We work alongside the owner and the insurers to get the property back into a liveable condition, and provide both parties with thorough reporting throughout the process.

Case study

London Homeowners Association

A fire broke out in one of the homes on a 50 property development, due to a malfunctioning kitchen appliance. The fire caused significant damage to the kitchen, living room, and upstairs bedrooms. The property manager contacted Remora Restoration to provide a mitigation and repair plan once the emergency services had extinguished the fire.

The fire caused structural damage to the home, requiring careful assessment and repair to ensure the safety of the residents. The kitchen was heavily damaged, and the repair required coordination with multiple trades and the homeowner to ensure the final product met their expectations. There was a tight timeline for repair as the residents wanted to be able to move back as soon as possible.

Remora restoration was able to provide a detailed repair plan that addressed all the issues caused by the fire. To ensure the safety of the residents, the company’s team of experienced builders assessed the structural damage and developed a plan to repair the damage. To ensure that the kitchen met the homeowner’s expectations, the company’s team of designers and builders worked closely with the homeowner to design a new kitchen layout and select new cabinetry and appliances. Remora was able to complete the repairs within the timeframe set by the property manager, allowing the residents to move back into their homes as soon as possible.

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