Mould and Damp presents hazardous living conditions to inhabitants, and needs to be remediated professionally and quickly.

Inspections: We send experienced technicians to examine each property with a full visual review, thermal imaging checks, and moisture and humidity readings taken on site. We check for leaks, moisture ingress from the outside of the property and condensation to determine likely issues. We then provide you with a detailed report clearly stating our findings and recommended measures to fix these with a quick turnaround.

Drying: We can carry out professional drying works to properties that have had a leak, escape of water or flood damage, using state of the art Corronventa dehumidifiers. We are technical experts when it comes to drying and will work towards target moisture and humidity levels, providing client updates as we go.

Cleaning: Neutralising mould spores with biocidal chemicals as well as sanitising areas affected by sewage and blackwater flooding. We can even test bacteria levels on surfaces with an ATP swap for sign-off.

Restoration: Refitting a property after damage, installing ventilation systems to reduce condensation, opening up areas for further investigation and redecoration are some of the services we offer, both in-house and through our approved contractor network.

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